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The forum of the first HUAXIA harmonica festival ---- action text (三)
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The forum of the first HUAXIA harmonica festival

  action text (三)

Trained by Chen Shiyi Zong Xiaohua Tao Shenxiang Ding Jinsun Qingyuan as harmonica group instrumental performance, they used the training form of explaining、demontrating、solo performance and explaining again .

The concert for harmonica lovers’interaction began in this morning, they performed in the stage, commented by Chen Shide, Bai Yansheng, Fu Haojiu and Chen Yinan.

In the afternoon, Teacher Baiyansheng trained on the chromatic harmonica

Teacher Yangsheng gave the lecture of Asia Pacific harmonica festival designated music analysis and the analysis of the tremolo harmonica development direction,Teacher Fuhaojiu gave the lecture of the training of tremolo harmonica grading test material.

The second concert began in NAIKAN UNIVERSARY in this eveing, Teacher CHENYINAN.CHENSHIDE,FUHAOJIU adressed, they congratulations on the success of this event and present expectations of HUAXIA harmonica festival.

All harmonica groups performed wonderfully in the end.



下午举办了口琴论坛 由多位老师和琴友发言

下午举办了口琴论坛 由多位老师和琴友发言(论坛内容会整理后陆续发布)

下午和晚上分别举行了本次活动第三场和第四场口琴交流音乐会 ,由于东艺馆被学校临时征用,音乐会改在西阶梯教室进行。

15号 16号的活动结束 请继续关注下一篇 

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