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The forum of the first HUAXIA harmonica festival ---- action text (four)
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Get together in October

The forum of the first HUAXIA harmonica festival

  action text (four)

Due to the vunue adjustment in Naikan Universary, merging huaxia harmonica art festival council meeting ,after heated discussion, it is decided that the council member of the team will be expand , many harmonica groups sign up to join the council meeting on the spot , and willing to jointly to participate in the activities of the council and huaxia harmonica festival activities and make contributions to Chinese harmonica music.

 Meeting decision:it will be charged in second huaxia harmonica art festival ,RMB 100 / person, registration discount eighty percent during applicatiob period, students application fee of 50 /person, and no discount, 10 /person for each project.

 After discussion and decision, the second huaxia harmonica art festival will be held in 2017.8.4-7 in GUANGZHOU, this festival is Jointly undertook by GUANGZHOU harmonica association and Jiangsu East musical instrument Co.,LTD in GUANGZHOU journalist country club, GUANHUA,the president of GUANGZHOU harmonica association as the festival chairman, LIJICHAO,vice president of GUANGZHOU harmonica association, as executive chairman, they will creat the second HUAXIA harmonica art festival organizing committee.

It is decided that publish HUAXIA harmonica quarterly will be published ,this quarterly is to popularize harmonica knowledge , spread the harmonica information and harmonica activity experience, it aims to develop and prosperity of socialist culture for the purpose of harmonica. It is a combination of knowledge, material, academy and interest.


并经过会后努力 编辑部正式成立

顾    问:柏树  陈宜男 陈诗德 陈诗彝 程晓明 傅豪久 陆德兴  张伟鸣 

主    任:白燕生

主    编:吴申陆

副 主 编:白荣生 官华 马立明 杨晟 邹林杉

编    辑:陈安新 丁进 荆学军  李继超 缪力更 田野 陶慎祥 宗筱华 朱维顺 朱鸿帮

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