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Chinese New Year special harmonica concert for 2nd HUAXIA harmonica festival was held.
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HUAXIA harmonica festival starts here. It has been greatly supported by the well-known harmonica masters in the world, by world-renowned harmonica masters, by many harmonica players in the Chinese and young harmonica circles. And by many harmonica groups in china.

HUAXIA harmonica festival starts here. We are constantly developing, in addition to the brand column Huaxia harmonica Art Festival, in October this year, HUAXIA Harmonica Festival Organizing Committee has successfully held the first HUAXIA harmonica sound forum in Tianjin, which make a new brand, launched the "China Quarterly" to carry out the harmonica, harmonica, harmonica, lectures, and brings HUAXIA harmonica quarterly, harmonica lecture,harmonica concert activities, harmonica carnival,forming a unique style characteristic of HUXIA harmonica. In order to publicize the second HUXIA Harmonica Festival, we should promote Chinese harmonica and show the charm of harmonica music art. by  Jiangsu East Musical Instruments Co. Ltd., the second HUAXIA harmonica Festival Organizing Committee, the harmonica VV entertainment community online education area jointly organized the 2017 New Year Concert harmonica network ,it was held in the VV entertainment community --- comprehensive education area - Online Education Division - Harmonica League room 630162 in 8:00pm .


because of harmonica friends’participation,the capacity of 1500 in  the rooms were full, many harmonica friends could not enter the room, on behalf of the organizing committee to express our sincere apologies to you, the second session of the 2017hauxia harmonica Festival New Year concert will be in 8:00pm in December 30hth,the lobby>comprehensive education>Online Education -> harmonica Alliance (Telecommunications) room 630162 (Live) and 630281 (broadcast) was held, we have the room for the expansion of the 2000 person capacity, welcome!


The first part

HUAXIA starts here

【01嘉宾】白燕生  《玛拉圭那》


【03演员】秋叶红  《沂蒙情深》

【04演员】冰冰之冰  《蓝帕特》

【05演员】晴天    《呼伦贝尔大草原》

【06演员】红灯    《吐鲁番的葡萄熟了》


【08嘉宾】涟漪  《喜洋洋》

huaxia harmonica refueling is a manifestation of life attitude, HUXAI harmonica refueling is the choice of a way of life, and e a respect. harmonica career development will face many problems and difficulties, the Chinese people are more willing to put himself to the harmonica trackers, life is a river, each step will be engraved on their shoulders, as long as there is a river, there will be the trackers’ way. On the way to the growth of HUAXAI harmonica, everything will be profound and beautiful.

The second part 

huaxia harmonica refueling

【09演员】学到老  《扬鞭催马运粮忙》


【11演员】芥子    《我爱你塞北的雪》

【12嘉宾】田秋玲  《草原牧歌》

【13演员】鲁友    《秦川抒怀》


【15嘉宾】天山dj  《你鼓舞了我》

Flying HUAXIA dream, we have a common home - huaxia harmonica Art Festival, it is the art of heaven, the dream of a harbour, the stage which is to show themselves and make friends . Flying Chinese dream, we should set the HUAXIA Harmonica Festival as the benchmark of Chinese harmonica. Flying China dream, we still need to work hard, hope to achieve the future, let us cheer together, cheer, for tomorrow's blessing.

Let us hand in hand, side by side twisted into a rope, to create a better harmonica future!

Come on!Chinese harmonica people, we need to write the glory together.


 The third part 

Flying HUAXIA dream

【16嘉宾】清泉  《茉莉花随想曲》

【17演员】丝儿  《再没有像我这样的人》


【19演员】静听  《玛依拉变奏曲》


【21演员】怡兵  《小小贺年片》

【22嘉宾】宋斌  《太湖漫步》

he rooster sings, Spring returns. Today is unforgettable, it is memorable that guests and actors use a small harmonica to bring us the hearts’ shock. Let us remember the actors and guests ’wonderful performance.

The monkey god bid farewell to the outgoing year, phoenix welcomes spring. please remember this sleepless night, happy gathering is always short. Sincere blessing and true love, unbroken affection, lingering in our ears, surging in our heart.

Thanks harmonica lovers and audience friends coming to the party tonight, thanks the VV entertainment community to provide our platform, thanks the strong support of Jiangsu East Musical Instruments Co. Ltd., and  staff ,  also bless the HUAXIA harmonica Art Festival more and more prosperous!  





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