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Jan,1st 2020--May, 31st,2020

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06.8-09.8.2020(signing on 5th,Aug.)

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The LOGO of 2nd HUAXIA harmonica festival.
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GUANZGHOU Journalists country clubs and music art festivals are described as follows:

1., the top pattern is Guangzhou bonus cotton modeling, the middle "GZ" is the initials of Guangzhou, red cotton as rising slowly in the east omeaning East Musical instrument company;

2 "2017" in the picture means the holding time.

3 the squares represents the theme of the harmonica.

4 "1-3" chart is taken from the image of the main building of the Club,which is the venue of the Guangzhou journalists country club.

5.the second HUAXIA harmonica (Guangzhou) Art Festival is the organizer of the Art Festival.

6.The musical symbols in the harmonica pattern represent music and art.

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