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12th Asia Pacific harmonica festival--hotel
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Jiuhua hotel is located in Xiaotangshan town Changping District, Beijing ,it is a classical garden courtyard building,covers a total area of more than 2000 acres with different grades of type and more than 2300 rooms, nearly 5000 beds in different style rooms,and more than a dozen different restaurants, 6000 seats, it has perfect meeting facilities with more than 100 different specifications and more than 60 thousand square meters of meeting rooms,which can meet the ne thousands of people at the meeting, and meet the requirements from dozens of people gathering to the thousands of people meeting . Jiuhua hotel has a variety of hot springs, health care, entertainment and sports. The open-air hot spring theme parks, amusement parks and indoor hot spring swimming pool, SPA and various health care projects, large indoor carnival, recreation room, bowling alley, 32 indoor tennis courts, badminton courts, sports room, gym, chess room and nightclub, KTV rooms, EVD cinema and other exciting programs dizzying, which made tourists the leisure life of happiness.  

other events in jiuhua hotel

ADVANTAGE 1. HOTEL  is  Quasi five star

Jiuhua hotel is a quasi five star hotel. It has different sizes of professional conference venues, and it can easily meet the needs of thousands of people. The grand banquet hall is decorated with style and equipment, and can accommodate 6000 people. At the same time, it is suitable for dining, dining and high cost performance. The specifications are complete and the quality is one. The entertainment project is complete, 


ADVANTAGE 2. relaxed and security

all activities related to festival will be held in Jiuhua hotel, it will save you time, and you are very relaxed and can have a  rest at noon. In particular, children and old friends are not worried about security ,You can enjoy the concert every night, there will be children concerts and it is convenient for harmonica enthusisats to exchange and learn from each other.


 ADVANTAGE 3.saving money

The consumption of Beijing is high!the taxi cost for you is very high, and if you contacy the travel agency ,
you can enjoy cheaper price for your hotel and travel.

Hotel Reservation:
Single room / standard room: 450 yuan (including double breakfasts)
Lunch : RMB60 / person (children who is 1.2mbelow is half price)
dinner: RMB60/ person (children who is 1.2mbelow is half price)
Breakfast: 40 yuan / person(children who is 1.2mbelow is half price)
Contact: Li Jia
Phone: 18101529009 (WeChat)

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Contact: Li Yan
Telephone: 13301382557
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