Register time

Jan,1st 2020--May, 31st,2020

Activity time
06.8-09.8.2020(signing on 5th,Aug.)

Co-organizer(in no particular order)
Competition Information
Rating and Evaluation


Each soloist, group or orchestra receives a specific rating for his/her/its performance. Evaluation by the jury are presented by a total of 99 points which will be distributed as follows:

1. For the Creative Category:





2. For all other categories:





3. 7adjudicators are assigned to each section, with a maximum of one adjudicator from a particular country/region.

4. The points from each individual judges shall range from 65 to 99. The top and bottom points are discarded, the average of the remaining points are the final rating for the performance.

The awards are:

First place -one person/group

Second place-one person/group

Third place-one person/group

The rest of the contestants will also be awarded according to their end result:

Gold – Exceeding 80 points (including)

Silver - 70 to 79 Points

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