Competition Information
time management

A. Performance time for each categories are as follow:

?Preliminary round – for solo, 2 minutes, the designated muisic piece need be performed completely ,

Final Round -- time of duet、trios、Chamber music and is 6 minutes, harmonica ensemble and orchestra 8 minutes.

In harmonica ensemble, the arrangement of seats, music stands and microphones shall not exceed 4 minutes.

And in harmonica orchestra, the arrangement of seats, music stands and microphones shall not exceed 8 minutes.

In order to avoid too long competition time, the excess part will be deducted from the performance time of 8 minutes.

The contestants are not allowed to delay the performance without any reason after coming on stage. Those who still do not start after being urged by the host for three times will be disqualified, except for those who are approved by the venue director in case of emergency.

B.If there is no designated muisic piece in the preliminary competition, you need to choose your own music to perform for 2 minutes.

C.Do not ring the bell before the end of time. Once the time is up, the performance will stop. If the performance continues,

the score will be deducted. If the time is over, the total average score will be deducted by 2 points every 1 minute.

D.No score will be given if the designated muisic piece is not in conformity with the announcement of the committee。

If the performance music of all groups is not in conformity with the registration, the average score will be deducted by 2 points.

E.The designated music shall be performed in accordance with the version of the committee (subject to the content of the designated music ), and shall be performed completely. If there is another performance paragraph or version remark at the time of publication, it shall be handled in accordance with the remark items), and shall not be changed without authorization. If there is any violation, the score shall be deducted as appropriate.

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