Competition Information
equipment regulations


1. In 10-hole ,Chromatic, tremolo solo with accompaniment , music devices will be provided by APHF or bring yourown.

In the solo , duet, trios, chamber music, neither additional sound equipment nor the volume change of the microphone are permitted,


2.harmonica ensemble and orchestra can only use the sound equipment provided by the committee. The committee  provides 8 microphones for harmonica orchestra, 4 for chord microphone interface and 4 for bass microphone interface. The comittee provides 4 microphones for harmonica ensemble, 2 for chord harmonica microphone interface and 2 for bass harmonica microphone interface, the harmonica microphones needs to be prepared by the players themselves. Participants can adjust the microphone position, not adjust the volume. In other competitions, all microphones are prohibited. In case of violation, 5 points will be deducted from the total average score.(creative group is not limited)


To make the accompaniment music smoothly during the competition:

1: Please bring your own mobile phone or U disk player for accompaniment music. Only stereoaudio Ф 3.5mm will be provided at the conference.

No other device is provided for the plug of sound source. Please operate the player by yourself.If it can't be read, the participant shall be responsible for it.

2: the solo competition should have a partner to adjust the volume of the accompaniment music, or ask the on-site staff to adjust it (but the risk of inappropriate volume should be borne by themselves, and no protest is allowed).

D: The piano is provided free of charge in competition of chromatic harmonica and  the "Bai Yansheng Cup" chromatic harmonica, 10-hole,tremolo harmonica with accompaniment and harmonica orchestra, and other musical instruments need to pay the rental fee).

E: the committee will provide enough seats and 50pcs music frames according to the number of participants.

F: the committee reserves the right to review the final decision of the competition combination,sound equipment, musical instruments and equipment restrictions.


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