Register time

Jan,1st 2020--May, 31st,2020

Activity time
06.8-09.8.2020(signing on 5th,Aug.)

Co-organizer(in no particular order)
Competition Information
equipment regulations


1. Sound system will be provided by APHF. 

In order to maintain a fair and equal competition, neither additional sound equipment nor the volume change of the microphone are permitted, any standalone amplification system, and/or sound equipment (i.e. Microphones, effect pedals, etc.) other than the ones provided by APHF are not permitted, except for contestants in the creative category .five points will be deducted from the final score for non-compliance.

2. Music accompaniment / backing tracks on digital Media:

a) The sound system provided will accept 3.5mm stereo jack input only. It is contestants' responsibility to prepare the accompaniment material, and load it onto a compatible playback device if the category they compete in allows BYO audio equipment.

b) For chromatic solo and 10-hole diatonic solo contestants, it is advised to have an assistant to adjust the volume of your accompaniment sound track. If an assistant is not available, APHF staff can assist upon request, under the condition of contestant takes full responsibility of the end result, and no dispute against the result are accepted.

3. One piano will be provided for chromatic solo and 10-hole diatonic solo, Orchestra, Creative, and Open category. Contestants are responsible to bring all other instrument(s) to be used during the performance.

4. APHF will provide adequate seating for all contestants, and provide up to 50 music stands on stage.

5. APHF reserves the right to determine whether a contestants is qualified to compete in the appropriate group.

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