Competition Information
dispute and appeal

Any Dispute/appeal will be reviewed by the jury of appeal, which consists of the following members:

Yansheng Bai (Chairman of 2020 APHF),

Shiyi Chen (Vice-Chairman of 2020 APHF),

Wenzhong Kong (Secretary General of 2020 APHF) 


No dispute or appeal against venue, schedule, or issues not related to the competition rules will be considered.


Only dispute/appeal related to violation of competition rules, out-of-order performance during competition, and the qualification of contestants will be considered. All dispute/Appeals are to be submitted before the result of the section is published. If a dispute or appeal is against a group, it should be submitted before the group leaves the stage. Conflict with other areas .


No dispute/appeal against the point system published by APHF or against any adjudicator's rating will be accepted.


The jury of appeal will strive to be fair and objective. Meeting with people involved in a dispute or appeal might be held if the jury of appeal deems necessary.


Decisions made by the jury of appeal are final.


Any dispute/appeal must be submitted to the jury of appeal by a contestant or group leader, with a completed "Dispute and Appeal Form", within an hour after the result is published.


All correspondence and decision of a dispute/appeal will be recorded in written format, and distributed to the affected contestants. In the case of ranking change as a result of a dispute/appeal, the result will be published on the APHF website one week after the conclusion of the festival.

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