Competition Information
competition rules and participants' notice

competition form:




10 hole Diatonic Solo




Chamber music

Harmonica Ensemble 

Harmonica Orchestras 

competition group


Under six (including) years of age


Over six years, and under thirteen (including) years of age


Over thirteen year, and under eighteen (including) years of age

D.Open Any age 

(for chromatic and tremolo , the designated muisic piece is set)

designated muisic piece for chromatic is Eastern FantasiaComposed by MUI KWONG CHIU

designated muisic piece for tremolo is Jiang Yin CapriccioComposed by MUI KWONG CHIU


Over 40 years, and under Sixty years of age

Chromatic solo and tremolo solo


Over sixty (including) years of age

G.Creative group

Any age and number of contestant, with a minimum of 1 member playing the harmonica.

H.tremolo solowith accompaniment

students group(under eighteen years old)

Adult group(over eighteen years old,inclueded eighteen years old)

I.Bai yansheng Cupchromatic harmonica elite competition:for any age and anyone,2020APHF judgers and guests are OK.

1.A preliminary round will be set up if any of the class exceed 25 contestants/groups.

2 A maximum of 10 contestants/groups will advance to the final round.

3.Contest will be cancelled or just set Golden,Silver awards for a class if it receives less than 5 contestants/groups. Excluding small and large ensembles.

4.The committee reserves the right to reduce the performing time in response to large number of contestants/groups in any of the classes.

5. In the competition of tremolo solo, chromatic solo and 10 hole solo, the participant sare allowed to participate for once in the same category, the same group.

6.In the Duet,Trio,Chamber Music, ensemble, orchestra, participant can only participate for once in the same,categery. For example, participants A and B and C participate in the trio. Then A can no longer participate in the trio with D and E, but A can still participate in the duet and chamber music.

7.In the same team, if the age exceeds two groups, before the public group, such as the preschool ,Junior,Youth groups, belong to the elder one group, while the other age leapfroggers should be combined in the Open group.

8.no age limit for open group solos, but he can only choose his group solo or open group solo for the same categary

9.for command and  accompanist, not as the competitor. The committee reserves the right to make final decision on the qualification of participants

10.no age limit for Creative,at least one person plays harmonica and as the main instrument.

11.For Middle-aged Over 40 years, and under Sixty years of age just set Chromatic solo and tremolo solo

12. 2020 APHF judgers and guests all can attend Bai yansheng Cup”chromatic harmonica elite competition with paying the pass.    


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