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Jan,1st 2024--May. 31st,2024

Activity time
August.8--11 ,2024 (Check in on August 7)

Organizer(in no particular order)
Co-organizer(in no particular order)
Competition Information
competition rules and participants' notice

Requirements for contestants’ video

A:Please ensure the authenticity of the video recording.  no false performing, editing, etc. once confirmed, the competition qualification will be cancelled. (except for  harmonica MV creative group)

B:The competition videos of all players shall be submitted to the organizing committee before August 5, 2022, the preliminary results shall be announced before August 20, and the final videos shall be submitted for review before August 30. All reviews shall be completed in September, and the competition results shall be announced and the closing ceremony shall be held in October.

C:Video recording size is 16:9, resolution ratio : 720p, the background is clean, bright and tidy! All video and audio shall be clear, without jitter and ghosting, but the location is not limited. we do not accept videos that have been broadcast on other TV, network and other platforms.

D:After the Organizing Committee receives the competition video, it will be deemed that the applicant has authorized the organizing committee to broadcast, forward, delete, change and not broadcast. The producer shall not appeal or object, contestant can not  broadcast  competition video before the end of the competition. Once found, the score will be cancelled. The videos will not be returned. Please keep a backup.

E:Please send the competition video to email 

      If the foreign competition videos cannot be sent directly,please from www.wetransfer. com  send to

remarks requirements in your email:

Country or region, performer name / performance team, contact person, contact number, email address, * * group * * project,music name

All information above must be the same as your registration

for example:

Country: China

name: Zhang San

Contact person:Zhang San

Contact number:18101529009


Which group Which project: Open , Chromatic harmonica solo 

music name:Alla Turca

F:Video recording shall be provided by the registered contestants for the preliminary competition; The top 25 contestants will be selected for the final (ensemble and orchestra group will be determined according to the number of registration groups). Those top 40 contestants' final video will be monitored on site or online by the staff of each country and region, and the recorded audio and video will be detected by the organizing committee with professional software. The videos of the top 3 contestants will be reviewed by professionals.

 Other instructions:

A:Contest will be set Golden,Silver awards for a group if it receives less than 5 contestants/groups. Excluding small and large ensembles.

B:. In the competition of tremolo solo, chromatic solo and 10 hole solo, the participants are allowed to participate for once in the same category, the same group.

C:In the Duet,Trio,Chamber Music, ensemble, orchestra, contestant can only participate for once in the same,categery. For example, participants A and B and C participate in the trio. Then A can no longer participate in the trio with D and E, but A can still participate in the duet and chamber music.

D:In the same team, if the age exceeds two groups, before the public group, such as the preschool ,Junior,Youth groups, belong to the elder one group, while the other age leapfroggers should be combined in the Open group.

E: no age limit for open group。

F:.for command and solo accompanist ,not as the competitor. The committee reserves the right to make final decision on the qualification of participants。

G:The Harmonica MV creative group has no age limit. At least one person plays harmonica and is the main instrument. Video can be edited, audio and video must be original, we do not accept the videos that have been open in network.

H: Middle-aged group is set for chromatic harmonica and tremolo harmonica

I:any audio equipment is not allowed for performing,but allowed for accompaniment music and Creative group. 

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