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The notice of 2017 Chinese New Years Online special harmonica concert held by the 2nd HUAXIA harmonica festival Committee
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The notice of 2017 Chinese New Years Online special harmonica concert held by the 2nd HUAXIA harmonica festival Committee 

In order to further promote the harmonica art into the network, to better show the influence of HUAXIA Harmonica Festival and charm, improve the harmonica enthusiasts artistic accomplishment, in the beginning of this year, the second HUAXIA Art Festival Preparatory Committee, Jiangsu East musical Instruments Co. Ltd. and VV entertainment community online education area jointly organized the 2017 NEW year network harmonica concert. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

One, Party time:

Scene 1: 20 to 23 in December 23, 2016;

Second games: from 8pm to 11pm in December 30, 2016.

Two, party adress: VV entertainment community online education zone harmonica union room (room ID:630162)

Three, evening party name:the second huaxia harmonica Art Festival 2017 welcoming new year network harmonica concert

Four. Composition of actors:

1. guest actors: invited by the second huaxia harmonica Art Festival preparatory committee;

2. applying actor: free registration, selected by the second huaxia harmonica Art Festival preparatory committee.

Five, registration time: November 10, 2016 to November 30th

Six, registration place

1.VV entertainment community harmonica union room (room ID:630162), contact: Qianyi

2. WeChat Harmonica Club group, contact: Li Jia.

Seven. Necessary conditions for actors:

1. have stable Internet access;

2. independent music sound card (clean blowing can not);

3. video cameras, microphones, headsets connected to the computer;

4. will operate VV video community computer client software;

5. will operate MVBOX virtual video software.

Eight, registration matters:

1.VV nickname "*" and "ID" *";

2. repertoire name "*", "when" *";

3. real name "*", gender, address, ID number, contact phone "*" (mobile phone number);

4.QQ number "*", e-mail address;

5. "*" is the necessary item.

Nine, souvenirs gift

The performers and staff of the concert were presented by Jiangsu East Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. as a special high performance harmonica for the concert.

Ten, related matters:

1. registration actor screening time: 8:00pm in December 6, 2016, and December 7

2. rehearsal time: 8:00pm in December 21, and 28 in the evening;

3.QQ group: set registration group and actors group, for successful actors into the "2017 harmonica concert for the" QQ group, group number: 179920688; guest actor and screen actors into the "2017 harmonica concert actor" QQ group, group number: 365443726;

4. the performance of the performers is arranged by the organizers;

5. temporary notice of unfinished matters.

6.VV entertainment community links the client (computer version): Download and install, apply for VV number through the customer terminal, you can play VV.


7. VV entertainment community client link (mobile phone edition): according to the mobile phone operating software to download and install the corresponding scan to a mobile phone and apply VV no. , you can play mobile phone VV.


8.MVBOX virtual video link: Download and install.






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